Favorite Finds


Fall 2020



When I think of fab places, this part of CA is close to the top. Wine country, amazing food, fantastic views.

The opportunities on this retreat are endless.

Hike The Redwoods.

Take a VW BUS wine tour

Cycle through Sonoma Country

and so much more!

A little snippet of life during Retreat + Reset…..

Birds chirping……the smell of sea in the air your eyes open. You stroll out of your room (top knot on your head of course) no need for make up b/c we love you just the way you are. Coffee/tea/juice bar is waiting for you. You grab a book ( I have suggestions if you need) or a magazine who are we kidding you grab your phone and IG this perfect moment (don’t forget to tag us hahaha).

Your first class of the day starts at 9:00a. Oh wait…. you don’t want to exercise?

NO PROBLEM you do you.

Physique is a 50 minute class that combines pilates + barre + yoga.

Then after a good sweat a lovely brunch is waiting for you.

You have the afternoon free to enjoy nature with a good book, schedule an in house massage (we can do that for you), hike The Redwoods or hit road for some wine tasting.

Later that day….

Shower, relax and dress for cocktails and dinner.

There is definitely more, but we can’t give it all away.

Email us for pricing and availability.

*FLY into SFO*


Fall 2020


Endless live music, amazing food & a serious zest for life! Nashville has it all.

Shoot me a message if this is your thang!

Winter 2020

Why retreat and reset?

The idea of taking my fitness show on the road came from literally finding a way to work in fabulous locations. My original format, PROJECT PHYSIQUE, can be done anywhere. So, why not do it poolside, mountainside or in a vineyard? I also thought wouldn’t it be really fun to get like-minded people away from the stresses of daily life and give them a setting where they can give back to themselves. Maybe you come with a friend, maybe you don’t. No matter what you will leave well rested with support and confidence.