Yay you…you made it!

What you have heard is (mostly) all true. The Vault is a fab, light-hearted & REAL approach to everything life has to offer.

Each of these issues will highlight something unique, but they will all include something foodie, a touch of fitness & a whole lot of (stylish) FUN.

If you aren’t 1000% familiar with me let me give you a couple of tips.
1. I think I’m funny.
2. I love FOOD….all kinds.
3. Obsessed with travel.
4. I believe fitness is a way of life.
5. You may find one or all of these things in my purse (a corkscrew, tiny hands, scrunchies, spin shoes, anything flamingo and silly cocktail napkins).

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Issue #1
OCT 2019

Issue #2
OCT 2019

Issue #3
OCT 2019

Issue #4
NOV 2019

Issue #5
NOV 2019

Issue #6
NOV 2019